Thursday, June 26, 2008

Little Shop of Horrors Opens Tonite!!!

Theatre Aspen's Little Shop of Horrors opens tonite. Previews of Tuesday and Wednesday were nothing less than spectacular. Following are particulars on the show:

The Musical, written by Howard Ashman and Alan Menken, is an adaption of a cult film originally produced by Roger Corman in 1960. (I understand the film was shot in only two days.) One of Ashman’s comments on the play: “It satirizes many things: science fiction, B movies, musical comedy itself, and even the Faust legend.”

Everyone on the Show: (Before I continue, let me say that I’m tempted to throw in raving superlatives about each and every one of these people. They are a talented, hard-working, intelligent, dedicated, marvelous assemblage of people. Okay. Enough already with the superlatives. Read on:)

Paige Price—Artistic Director
Mark Martino—Director and Choreographer
Seymour—Production and Stage Manager
Kevin Brainerd—Costume Designer
Markas Henry— Set Designer
David Thomas—Sound Designer
Loren Wilder—Lighting Designer

The Actors/Singers:
Jamie LaVerdiere
as Seymour, the ‘nerd’ who happens upon a ‘strange and unusual’ plant.
Kate Fahrner as Audrey, a sweet, somewhat ditzy blonde.
Gordon Stanley as Mushnik, the owner of . . . well . . . the Little Shop of Horrors.
Tom Erickson as Orin, the Dentist from Hell. (Tom has several other roles in the show. Watch for him, cleverly disguised.)
Bobby Mason (the Music Mayor of Aspen) as the Voice of Audrey 2, the Plant from Outer Space that plans to start out eating Cleveland, and ultimately devour the entire world.
Lee Sullivan as the man who brings Audrey 2 to life with his proficiency as a puppeteer. (He makes a brief appearance onstage at the top of the show as a stumbling Wino.)
Anastacia McCleskey, Felicia Boswell & Adrienne Warren as The Urchins. These girls, who carry the plot from one scene to the next, will rock your world with their voices.
And, of course…starring Audrey 2 as (his? her?) its Bad Self.

The Musicians : We’re backstage, so you won’t see us. But where would this show be without us? In Cleveland, that’s where.
Bob Finniekeyboards/musical director. He’s the guy who auditioned and hired several of the singers, and who coached all musical talent to their present state for the show.
Paul Valentinedrums and percussion. Brilliant player.
Me and Dave - bass and guitar. (Dave also has a slide whistle solo in the first act. Listen for it. Its haunting beauty will break your heart.)

The Crew: Again, you won't see these guys. But where would the show be without them? There wouldn't be a show, that's where.
Stub Allison—Pre Production TD
Kevin Carson—ASM
Colleen Finnegan—
House Manager
Kyle Gavell—Master Electrician
Marco Markiewicz—Assistant TD
Brad Moore—
Production Manager
Chris Moore—Follow spot
Stephanie Riddle—Sound board
Meghan Stiles—Prop and wardrobe supervisor
Tiffany Wilson

The Story: Shop Owner meets boy. Boy meets girl. Girl also meets boy. They are very attracted to each other, but girl is already involved with a ‘semi-sadistic’ dentist. Boy meets plant. Plant grows large and hungry, makes boy famous. Plant then . . . I don’t want to give away the ending, other than, “BURRRP.”

Show Dates: at the Theatre Aspen Tent are:
June 28, 30
July 1, 2 5, 7, 12, 14, 17, 18, 26, 28
August 2, 4, 5, 15, 16

Tickets: can be purchased at:
Wheeler Box Office (970) 920-5770 (*subject to $4.00 telephone order fee per order)
Or at the Theatre Tent on evening/day of performance

Call Theatre Aspen for directions or any further information 970.925.9313

A Few Backstage Shots

Beautiful Kate (Audrey) with my husband, Dave (Should I be worried?)

Jamie (Seymour) getting into character

Bobby (the Voice of Audrey 2) holding up the fort

Lee Sullivan, Audrey 2's Puppeteer and Stumbling Wino (in the show, that is)

Anastacia, Felicia and Adrienne (the exquisite Urchins)

David Thomas (Sound Designer), me and Mark Martino (Director)

Seymour, our Fearless Leader. (And, yes, we're all aware of the irony that she's Stage Manager on a show with a 'Seymour' as one of the lead characters.)

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