Wednesday, June 18, 2008

For Those of You Who Tuned in on Monday…

…apologies. Other than the fact that Nevin didn’t win the Tony (what’s up with that?) (but he was one of only three nominees – that’s definitely worth a great deal), the party was spectacular. The food (everyone brought something) was delectable. Seymour, as promised, cooked up a giant batch of her famous Sloppy Joes, which may now have the official title of, “Seymour’s Famous Sloppy Tonys.” The guests, mostly Theatre Aspen cast and crew, were relaxed and jovial. I think this was a ‘first day off since who knows when’ for most of us.

I had several cocktails. My camera, taking this personally, decided to render most of my photos… less than noteworthy. Here are a few that (kinda sorta) turned out:

Seymour, the Chef du Jour

Jamie La Verdiere (Seymour in 'Little Shop of Horrors') and his wife, Christiane Noll
Kate Fahrner (Audrey in 'Little Shop')

Gordon Stanley (Mushnik in 'Little Shop')

Tom Erickson (Orin in 'Little Shop')
Chowhounds Kate, Kyle Gavell (Master Electrician) and Stephanie Riddle (Sound)
Me and Stub '007' Allison (Pre-Production TD) threatening each other with handguns

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